Environmental Law Australia

Professional duties lecture 2015

A lecture on professional duties and ethics for environmental professionals in Queensland, Australia.

The handouts referred to in the lecture are available at the following links:

In summary, the take-home points from this lecture are:

  1. There are a number of important legal duties imposed upon you as a practising professional, including:
    • Duty to take reasonable care / avoid negligence
    • Duty to disclose and avoid conflicts of interests
    • Duty not to engage in corruption
    • Duty of confidentiality.
  2. The best professionals and workplaces aim to translate their professional duties into creating an effective, ethical and supportive work environment that people want to be part of and contribute to.
  3. You should strive to be ethical in your professional practice
  4. Your professional integrity and ethics will underpin and shape your whole career.
  5. Your career should be about more than just making money. Make public service a core part of it.