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Paris Agreement paradox: if we succeed, we fail

The Paris Agreement goals are a paradox: even if we succeed in achieving them, we fail to protect iconic ecosystems such as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

This presentation was given at 5th Frontiers in Environmental Law Colloquium, held at QUT in Brisbane on 14-15 February 2019.

It was based on Chris McGrath, “Paris Agreement goals slipping away and with them Australia’s chance to save the Great Barrier Reef” (2019) 36 (1) Environmental and Planning Law Journal 3 [Note: this is made available in open source within the normal 3 month embargo on EPLJ publications with the kind permission of the EPLJ publisher, Thomson Reuters].

The slides for the presentation are available:

  • here in PDF (3MB) and
  • here in Powerpoint (12MB).