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Maryfield Station clearing case in the NT Supreme Court

This landmark court case in the Northern Territory Supreme Court challenges the assessment of the impact on climate change caused by a massive land-clearing approval.

North Star Pastoral applied to clear 23,793 hectares of vegetation on Maryfield Station , 200km south of Katherine in the Northern Territory (NT), for cattle pastures in 2016.

The application was assessed under the Pastoral Land Act 1992 (NT) by the Pastoral Land Board and under the Environmental Assessment Act 1982 (NT) by the NT Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

The NT EPA decided that the clearing did not require an environmental impact assessment under the Environmental Assessment Act.

A permit to clear 20,432 ha was approved in 2017.

The decisions of the Board and the EPA are challenged by the Environment Centre NT in the NT Supreme Court. A trial is expected in mid-2018.

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  • Application in the NT Supreme Court (not yet available).